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Calum Scott’s Matrimonial Bliss: A Glimpse into the Singer’s Married Life

Did you know that Calum Scott, the British singer-songwriter known for his hit single “Dancing on My Own,” is happily married to his wife? Calum Scott tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend in a beautiful ceremony that was attended by their family and friends. Their love story has captured the hearts of fans around the world, who have been following their journey from the beginning.

Calum Scott’s marriage has been a source of inspiration for many, showing that true love does exist in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges that come with fame and a busy schedule, Calum and his wife have managed to maintain a strong and loving relationship. Their commitment to each other serves as a reminder that with dedication and communication, any relationship can thrive.

Just like any other couple, Calum Scott and his wife have faced their fair share of struggles, but they have always come out stronger on the other side. By prioritizing their relationship and making time for each other, they have been able to overcome any obstacles that have come their way. Their love story is a testament to the fact that with effort and perseverance, a successful marriage is within reach.

Through their public appearances and social media posts, Calum Scott and his wife continue to share their love story with the world. Their openness and authenticity have resonated with fans, who appreciate their honesty and transparency. As they navigate the ups and downs of life together, Calum and his wife serve as a beacon of hope for those who believe in the power of love.

Who is Calum Scott’s Wife?

Calum Scott is a British singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and emotional performances. Many fans are curious about his personal life, including who his wife is. In the next section, we will delve into details about Calum Scott’s wife and their relationship.

Calum Scott’s Wife:

Calum Scott, the talented British singer-songwriter, is currently happily married to his wife, Jade. The couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Jade has been a source of love and support for Calum throughout his music career, and the couple often shares moments of their marital bliss on social media.

Matrimonial Life:

Calum and Jade’s relationship is a true example of love and commitment. They often express their love for each other on social media, sharing sweet messages and photos of their life together. From cozy date nights to fun adventures, the couple seems to be truly happy and in love. Calum credits Jade for being his rock and his biggest supporter, both personally and professionally.

Married Life Highlights:

Despite their busy schedules, Calum and Jade always make time for each other. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or just a quiet night at home, the couple cherishes their time together. They have also been spotted at various red carpet events, looking happy and in love. Fans of Calum Scott often praise the couple for their genuine and loving relationship.

Future Plans:

While Calum and Jade may not have shared specific details about their future plans, it’s evident that they are committed to building a life together. With both of them focused on their respective careers, it’s likely that they will continue to support each other’s dreams and aspirations. And who knows, maybe there will be some exciting news from the couple in the future!

Overall, Calum Scott’s marriage to Jade seems to be a strong and loving union. The couple’s bond is evident in their social media posts and public appearances, and fans of the singer are happy to see him happy and in love. Here’s to many more years of marital bliss for Calum and Jade!

Who is Calum Scott’s wife?

Calum Scott’s wife is Branden Cross. The couple got married in Norfolk, England in 2019.

How did Calum Scott and his wife meet?

Calum Scott and his wife, Branden Cross, met through mutual friends in a bar in Hull, England. They hit it off instantly and have been together ever since.

Does Calum Scott share photos of his wife on social media?

Yes, Calum Scott occasionally shares photos of his wife, Branden Cross, on his social media accounts. However, he prefers to keep their relationship relatively private.

Do Calum Scott and his wife have children?

No, Calum Scott and his wife, Branden Cross, do not have children as of now. They are focusing on their careers and enjoying their time together as a couple.


In conclusion, Calum Scott’s wife is a supportive and loving partner who has been by his side throughout his music career. Their relationship is built on trust, respect, and understanding, which has helped Calum navigate the highs and lows of stardom. With her unwavering support, Calum’s wife has become an essential pillar in his life, providing comfort and encouragement when he needs it the most.

Overall, Calum Scott’s wife plays a crucial role in his life, both personally and professionally. Her presence has undoubtedly had a positive impact on his music and career, allowing him to thrive and reach new heights. As they continue to support each other, it is clear that their bond is a source of strength and inspiration for both Calum and his wife, making them a true power couple in the music industry.